Academic Medicine

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine is recognized for excellence and for advancing medical knowledge through scientific research. Today, Pitt Med continues to build upon the strong foundation of past leaders and dedicated physicians.

Economic Impact

In FY ’21, the economic impact of academic medicine by Pitt totaled $1.8 billion. These activities supported 13,331 jobs throughout the state, while $61.5 million of state and local taxes generated in FY ’21 can be attributed to the activities of academic medicine across the University.

COVID-19 Response

  • Pitt has injected $331.2 million into critical sectors of Pennsylvania’s economy since the onset of the pandemic.

  • Additional expenditures contributed $651.8 million in economic impact.

  • Pitt's expenditures also supported and sustained 3,669 jobs.

  • Pitt's response to COVID-19 generated $23.9 million in state and local taxes.