Alumni & Workforce

Pitt educates and trains the future workforce of Pennsylvania and beyond. Each graduating class provides essential contributions to the workforce that Pennsylvania needs to succeed in the 21st century. Pitt is a talent magnet, attracting top students in a wide range of disciplines — many of whom stay in Pennsylvania upon graduation. The students who graduate every year from Pitt are essential to the state’s workforce needs; in 2021 the University conferred nearly 8,800 degrees. About 65 percent of those graduates will stay in Pennsylvania and contribute to the state economy. Their contributions are critically important to the state’s economic vitality. Of the University’s 411,190 alumni, nearly half — 196,889 — reside in the state.

While strong job creation, income generation and workforce development are undoubtedly key contributors to financial and economic growth, it is also important to recognize the countless associated benefits in communities throughout Pennsylvania. Pitt is a leading generator of the state’s nurses, doctors, dentists, engineers and researchers and an indispensable talent pipeline for many businesses and industries. Without Pitt, there would be a void of ready talent, especially in the fields of biomedical research and advanced manufacturing.

Pitt Alumni by the Numbers

  • 411,190 alumni
  • 196,889 alumni living and working in Pennsylvania
  • 1 out of 32 employees within Pennsylvania is a Pitt graduate.

Alumni Impact

The 196,889 alumni living in Pennsylvania comprise nearly half of all Pitt alumni around the world. In FY ’21, the total economic impact of Pitt alumni to the Pennsylvania economy was estimated at $17.9 billion. Lifetime earnings of Pitt alumni equal $715.6 billion when measured over a 40-year timeframe.