Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center

The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Resource Center (PACWRC) is a collaborative effort of the University of Pittsburgh and its School of Social Work, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators. This center is a leader in advocating for an enhanced quality of life for Pennsylvania’s children, youth and families. In partnership with families, communities and public and private agencies, the Resource Center prepares and supports exceptional child welfare professionals and systems through education, research and a commitment to best practice.

The Resource Center provides county children and youth agencies with individualized training and technical assistance. These services are provided through ongoing partnerships with county children and youth agencies, the Department of Public Welfare, Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators, private provider agencies, children, youth, families, community members and other system partners.

Through cross-system collaboration, the Resource Center facilitates county-specific assessment, planning, implementation, evaluation and monitoring that leads to improved knowledge, skills and practices. This method helps ensure that the training and technical assistance needs of child welfare professionals are met across the state and better prepares our system to facilitate the outcomes of safety, permanence and well-being of the children, youth and families served.

Economic Impact

The overall economic impact of the PACWRC’s operations on Pennsylvania in FY ’21 was $43.8 million ($21.3 million direct impact and $22.5 million indirect and induced).