Pittsburgh Campus

Students with graduation regaliaThe Pittsburgh campus is the flagship among Pitt's five campuses. More than 19,000 students are enrolled in degree programs at the Pittsburgh campus each year, and thousands more are in certificate and continuing education programs. This urban campus is one of the region’s most vibrant, consistent and important economic drivers.

Pitt’s faculty is a community of passionate, creative and dedicated teacher-scholar-mentors. Students are educated by the top minds in their fields while also being exposed to a diverse range of internship, research and extracurricular opportunities. As a result, Pitt students outperform their peers in employment rates, levels of satisfaction in their work and overall well-being.


  • Campus operations generated more than $4.9 billion in economic impact for Pennsylvania. This total represents the direct impact of spending in the state ($1.9 billion) and the indirect spending that occurs because of Pitt’s presence ($3.0 billion). 
  • The Pittsburgh campus directly supported 17,218 (full-time and part-time) jobs throughout the state. In total, the Pittsburgh campus supports 43,841 jobs in Pennsylvania. 
  • About 65 percent of Pitt graduates will stay in Pennsylvania and contribute to the state economy.
  • The Pittsburgh campus generated $254.7 million in direct and indirect/induced tax payments in Pennsylvania for state and local governments. Included in this number are $56.9 million direct tax payments by the University and $197.8 million in indirect/induced tax payments related to the spending by the Pittsburgh campus and its employees.
  • Tripp Umbach estimates from established national ratios based on data from hundreds of economic impact studies that Pittsburgh campus employees and students in FY ’21 generated $67.9 million in charitable donations and volunteer services in the region. These benefits are in addition to the $4.9 billion annual impact that the campus generates for the state.