Research & Innovation

Research is foundational to Pitt’s mission. The University of Pittsburgh ranks among the top universities in the world for its exceptional research strength and academic programs that focus on areas of great societal need and preparing students for productive and meaningful lives. Research is a major source of external investment in the University, and Pitt research has a substantial economic impact on society and the world. 

The University’s track record of receiving competitive federal research funding has been critical for its ability to invest in targeted initiatives and research to stay globally competitive. Pitt has nearly quadrupled its research funding in the last 20 years and, in FY ’21, received an astonishing $914.5 million in sponsored research funds.

  • In FY ’21, Pitt’s operational and capital expenditures for sponsored research and other sponsored programs supported 9,262 jobs.
  • The impact of Pitt research also generated $53.8 million in state and local taxes

These research dollars received by Pitt came from a wide variety of agencies, including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In 2021, Pitt received 1,193 NIH grants totaling $597.8 million, the largest amount of funding to come to western Pennsylvania. Only the University of Pennsylvania received more NIH funding in the state.

This impressive research funding has a direct and lasting impact on Pitt’s educational mission and Pennsylvania’s future.