Career Builder

As a career builder, Pitt employs or supports tens of thousands of people working at every level of the economy.

Pitt is one of the largest employers in the state of Pennsylvania. From direct employment of on-campus faculty and staff, to vendors, contractors, and laborers across the University supply chain, Pitt accounts for 1 out of every 161 jobs in the Commonwealth.

The University of Pittsburgh has afforded me the opportunity to engage and challenge myself to make a difference within the University system and the community. These opportunities to develop my hard and soft skill sets through education and professional development has guided me throughout my career. Starting as a custodian 26 years ago and working my way up to the Director of Facility Services reflects that the University creates pathways to success.

Will Mitchell, Director of Facilities Services, University of Pittsburgh

Pitt’s impact on employment extends beyond academia, creating jobs in real estate, passenger transport, personal care, dining, lodging, retail, and, of course, hospitals.

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Student and reseach associate talking at MAC's makerspace opening

Connecting communities with technical skills

Jobs in the manufacturing industry are trending high-tech, high-precision, and high-skill. Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering is creating on-ramps for the future manufacturing workforce through the Manufacturing Assistance Center (MAC) in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood. The MAC offers training in advanced manufacturing and connects local job-seekers with manufacturers who need qualified workers. The MAC’s job placement rate exceeds 95% over its 25-year history.

Pitt Titusville students walk through campus together

Retooling for workforce readiness

On top of the thousands of jobs Pitt supports, the University is transforming the Titusville campus to meet the community’s evolving workforce needs. In partnership with state, county, and educational partners, Pitt is creating the Education & Training Campus Hub, a vibrant, multi-institution workforce development center that will serve the Titusville campus’s six-county region.