Pitt-Titusville is a multi-institution education and training hub that serves a six-county region in northwest Pennsylvania. The Education and Training Hub operates as a shared campus, providing a range of education and workforce training programs. The Hub is driven to reduce the effects of structural poverty in northwest Pennsylvania by creating a healthy community ecosystem. Under the campus hub model, the University offers specialized programs with active input from regional employers to help directly address the region’s education and training needs. 


  • $9.1 million in overall economic impact 
  • 98 jobs generated 
  • $335,082 generated in taxes

$23,296 donated to local charitable organizations by Pitt-Titusville employees and students; $97,188 in value of volunteer time provided to area communities by Pitt-Titusville employees and students

An administrative building at the Titusville hub.

Developing Workforce Opportunities

The Hub’s available programs reflect its primary mission to develop workforce opportunities within northwest Pennsylvania. Available disciplines and training include manufacturing, nursing, medical assistant,  early childhood education, and business administration. Training the region’s residents in the skills required to participate in the local economy helps them to attain meaningful work and engage in civic life, thereby increasing the social capital of the community. 

Students walk the grounds of the Titusville hub.

Serving Traditional College-Age Students

Pitt-Titusville also continues to offer programs for traditional college-age students besides developing programs for non-traditional students that may include online, evening, intensive and executive learning options.