What is Economic Impact?

Economic impact begins when an organization spends money. This creates ripple effects in the economy through the spending of local businesses in the supply chain and the household spending of people earning income from those businesses. 

Pitt’s total economic impact includes direct, indirect, and induced expenditures.

Direct Impact

Indirect Impact

Induced Impact

What Pitt spends on goods, services, and employees

What local businesses spend as a result of Pitt’s expenditures

What people spend as a result of what they earn through Pitt’s direct and indirect spending


Pitt’s economic impact isn’t a by-product. It’s an essential part of the University’s role, from the local and regional level to the statehouse and the global stage.

Economic impact is one of the ways Pitt is making a difference in the lives of individuals, communities, and the world.

The University of Pittsburgh’s impact on the Pennsylvania economy is dynamic.

Forbes Avenue at night with the Cathedral of Learning

Economic Driver

As an economic driver, Pitt multiplies the volume of business activity in the commonwealth.

A student researcher works in a lab

Innovation Engine

As an innovation engine, Pitt converts millions in research investment into billions in commercial activity.

Two colleagues talk at an information session

Career Builder

As a career builder, Pitt employs or supports tens of thousands of people working at every level of the economy.

Pitt graduates celebrate in their caps and gowns

Talent Cultivator

As a talent cultivator, Pitt educates the future workforce and increases their earning potential.

Students share a table and work on their laptops

Community Connector

As a community connector, Pitt devotes resources to areas of need and invests in social progress.